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Product Range

"Extremely scrubable, highly flexible paint and sealers"

The Ultralast product range is not nearly as extensive as that of other paint manufacturers. The reason is, it doesn't need to be.

Other commercial paints require changes to their chemical formulation to suit different conditions. But the simple formulation of Ultralast means that this remarkably strong and stable paint can adapt and adhere equally well to many different surfaces, in any environment: hot, cold, wet or salty (coastal).

So well in fact that it allows Ultralast to provide performance guarantees of up to 25 years on some products. In the commercial paints industry, that's quite simply unheard of!

Ultra-Coat Ultra-Coat is our high performance interior and exterior paint.
It acts as a one-way membrane, allowing moisture to escape to the surface but prevents moisture ingress into the treated substrate. More Details

Ultra-Clean Our revolutionary waterborne and non flammable ECO friendly cleaner. More Details

Ultra-BondFirst Ultra-BondFirst is a highly acrylic water based penetrating primer or undercoat that has excellent flexibility and impact resistant properties on all surfaces it's applied to. Ultra-Bond is suitable for application over old and new concrete, slates, bricks, plaster, tiles, hard boards, aluminium galvanized steel, painted areas, etc.More Details

Ultra-MetalTreat Ultra-MetalTreat is formulated with an excellent rust-block additive that protects all types of metal against corrosion. The product is ideal for areas such as metal, rolled steel, mild steel, stainless steel, etc.More Details

Ultra-NuPave Ultra-NuPave is an acrylic-based floor screed for high impact areas. The product's principal characteristic is to build high films that cover irregular surfaces. Similar to the other Ultralast products, Ultra-NuPave has good waterproofing qualities, excellent abrasion resistance ideal for vibrating structures, and is non toxic with negligible hazardous air pollutants. More Details

Ultra-Linemark Ultra-Linemark is a pure acrylic emulsion paint for application to tar/bitumen and concrete roads.More Details

Ultra-Clear Ultra-Clear is a water based acrylic, elastomeric membrane that is formulated as a clear product and which provides superb sealing qualities. It penetrates deep into the surface and reduces oil, grease, acids, and alkalis seeping into the surface and causing deterioration. More Details

TimberSafe A fire retardant coating for Timber complying with Australian Standards AS/NZs 1530.3-1999.More Details