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Paint Solution

The world’s first truly environmental paint still holds the highest sustainability credentials of any paint system 30 years on. Learn More »
Timber Treatment

Timbersafe provides the holistic solution for the preservation of Timber. It prolongs its life and keeps it pristine and natural. Learn More »
Rust Treatment

The most comprehensive rust treatment known to date, Ultralast can stop rust in its tracks laterally and vertically. Learn More »
Water Proofing

Ultralast Super Seal is water based zero VOC system. It is a deep penetrating, permanent, highly elastic one way skin membrane. Learn More »

Welcome To Ultralast

Ultralast ECOATINGTM Eco Paint is a complete water based system with Zero VOC rating for the complete product range. We offer the highest quality paint, most comprehensive rust treatment, deep penetrating water proofing system – the skin that never sheds and the most holistic and longest preserving timber solution known. We offer free green credit point and out perform any other product by any measure